The Samsung Galaxy A12 is a powerful Android smartphone

made by Samsung Electronics. The phone has been announced at the IFA in September 2021 as a replacement for the Samsung Galaxy A11. Since the launch of the new phone, Samsung Electronics has been busy upgrading its existing products to leverage on its success with the Galaxy A12 and create new designs as well. galaxy a12

Up until the launch of the Galaxy A12, the Galaxy A11 offered users great battery life. The impressive screen and camera features of this smartphone did not help though. Users complained about the poor battery life and found that the phone did not even last through a full day of usage. This led to consumers wondering if Samsung needed to make changes to the product design and add a few more features. Luckily, Samsung listened to their complaints and the battery life of the Galaxy A12 has gotten considerably better since the release.

Even with the improvements in battery life, the Galaxy A12 still offers users plenty of features and functions that they can use and appreciate. The notification centre of the phone allows users to quickly see the most recent messages and emails. The smart keyboard makes it easy to compose emails and text, while the fast charging feature allows users to enjoy power savings during their day. The infinity-v battery does an admirable job in keeping the battery in tact throughout the day, and users are treated to an excellent browsing experience on the Galaxy A12.

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