Samsung a03s phone With High Performance And Great Battery Power


Samsung A03S is a mid-range feature phone which is planned to be introduced in September. The phone has a lot to offer to a potential buyer and one such area is its design and features. One of its unique features is the dual camera setup where the first one is used as a normal point-and-shoot camera while the second can be mounted onto the palm or even placed into a USB slot. This gives the user the ability to take pictures with both cameras at the same time which increases your options and makes taking pictures more fun.

This is ideal for those who want to keep their pictures safe from intruders as it has a slide control facility. The other unique feature of this mobile phone is the built-in virtual keyboard which can be accessed using the touch screen. This gives you the freedom to type out long messages or emails without having to actually get up from the seat. Samsung has provided a choice of either portrait or landscape orientation when typing and it also has a large multi-touch display with Samsung’s Exynon screen technology. This allows the user to browse through web pages just like on a desktop PC.

When browsing on the Samsung Galaxy A03S smartphone, there are many things you will find interesting. The first thing that might interest you is the dialer which is preinstalled in this mobile. This dialer ensures that you never miss an important call again and also allows you to set up your appointments and reminder calls directly from this device. This is just one example of a very useful feature that comes along with this smartphone. Another unique feature of this mobile is the SMS reader that enables you to send SMS from anywhere in the world. Apart from this, Samsung has provided a host of other features that make this mobile very enticing. samsung a03s

One of the most fascinating features of this smartphone is its resistance to water and is hence capable of operating in water even for prolonged periods of time. This attribute of this Samsung Galaxy A03S allows users to enjoy their outdoor activities in all weather conditions. Another feature of this smartphone is the iris scanner which is capable of unlocking the screen of this smartphone even in the presence of a person who does not have an iron copy of the mobile. Samsung has provided a unique feature of wireless charging which enables users to charge their smartphones using any compatible Qi wireless charging devices. Further, Samsung has also provided a users’ guide with step by step instructions on how to use its different facilities of this mobile.

You might also like to know about the battery life of this Samsung Galaxy A03S. It offers a whopping six hours of talk time on a single charge and also offers two to three days of standby mode which means users can use this handset for two to three days without putting it to sleep. This handset comes with a unique dual zoom camera which can be used to capture both still and videos. Moreover, this handset offers users infinite data transferring options along with data backup and internet services. To keep your Samsung Galaxy A03S battery life in check, do not download apps while on the go. In addition, do not play games while you are on the move as this handset can support video streaming.

With the Samsung Galaxy A03S, there is no chance of getting exhausted even when you are on the move. This handset comes with a unique and powerful camera, which makes it all the more enticing. There is also a 3000 mah battery which supports quick charging and will help users to save a lot of time. Thus, if you are looking for a perfect mid-range smartphone with a lot of exciting features, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy A03S.

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