Belgian Waffle Maker: Revolutionary Home Appliance

When we go by the phrases “waffle maker” we think about it to be the gadget used for making yummy crispy waffles. A waffle is normally a cake with a batter base of very small circle or square-shape. The present technological advancement has offered us various innovative designs of the waffle makers that prepare crispy Belgian waffles conveniently.

We all know that the Belgian waffles vary from regular waffles because of the batter used and the size in which the each waffle made. These are particularly made with yeast, which gives the waffle the ability to become fluffier than regular waffles. As a result these turns out to be twice big, thicker and crispier as compared to normal waffles. home appliances marathahalli

Somehow, if you have got a family who loves eating waffles, you may then need a Belgium waffles which are highly filling and tastier than regular ones. The Belgium Waffles were brought into the US at the time of World Fair in 1964. Since then these have become the most wanted meal of every home in US.

Primarily the so called Belgium Waffles were found in Brussels where these were sold by local market sellers usually with the toppings of chocolate, syrup, whipped cream or powered sugar. Later it became the yummiest treat of every part of the world.

The delicious Belgium Waffles were made with the help of Belgian Waffle Makers which were mainly discovered in the countries like Netherlands, Belgium some parts of France, Germany and Luxembourg. However, now these waffles are considered to be a part of main course of every menu card of restaurant across the world.

The traditional model of Belgian Waffle Maker was consisted of two metal plates along with wooden handle which were attached to each other with the help of hinge at one end. This was also known by another name as Belgium waffle iron. To make the sumptuous waffles, the waffle batter was poured onto the plate of the waffle maker and the lid was closed, later it was heated over the fireplace to bake the waffles.

However, these days we may get several models Belgian Waffle Maker varying in models and types. So, if you are truly thinking of buying one for your home you may then have to take into consideration few things like:

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